Websites to Help Tutors Along the Way

Google – web page search engine – great source for images.

Google Translate– translates words, phrases, and documents. Has audio playback of translated text.- Many language options.

The Free Dictionary – English word definitions with audio for pronunciation.

Haitian Creole Dictionary – dictionary lists English/Creole then Creole/English. Phrase section is Creole/English followed by a pronunciation section.

Bing Translator – phrase translations (to 150 words!) in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Promt Translator – phrase translations in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Babelfish   translates words and phrases into many different languages

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition –easily accessed repository of research on best practices to use in teaching and understanding the needs of the ESL learner.

Adult Education Tutor Support –site (from Washington) has FAQs, great tips, and usable resources for use with ESL & BASIC students.

Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide – beginning and intermediate ESL lessons as well as a section teaching non-literate – BASIC adults. 

Library of Congress – Offers teaching materials and professional development to help use primary sources from the Library’s vast digital collections; includes primary resources, webcasts, podcasts, songs.

The NY Times in Plain English– for high intermediate to advanced ELL’s; authentic news in simplified English

News in Levels- has brief and varied news articles presented on 3 levels with some vocabulary words highlighted and defined.   Audio versions of each article are available.

Literacy & Learning Disabilities Special Collections – varied information and activities for tutors of BASIC students with learning disabilities. Reference materials as well as instructional resources.

Sen Teacher – free resources for use with special needs learners. Has printables, downloads, and links to other special needs resources.

Using English – easy searching of printable worksheets for grammar under handouts & PDF lesson plans. However, it includes British spellings and has advertising. *Caution-Their beginning lesson work is really intermediate to advanced.

Lanternfish – worksheets, flashcards, puzzles, games to print out. Be careful not to choose designs that might be too youthful for your student. *Has an ESL for Adults section with worksheets and activities.

Discovery Education Puzzlemaker – type in your words and definitions and this customizes a puzzle. Choose from 6 word and 2 number puzzle styles.

MES English and ESL Flashcards- have fun, printable flashcards- created for kids, so try to pick out appropriate illustrations.

Perceptus’ Free Bingo Card Generator – type in 20-25 words and this site does the rest!

ESL Flow – Categorized and leveled worksheets linked to websites around the world.

Stickyball – worksheets, handouts and lessons; includes games, reading passages with comprehension questions, whole section on idioms.

ESL Blues – interactive site made for ESL students from pre-intermediate to high-intermediate levels. Has a 25 question diagnostic test to pinpoint grammar problem areas, cloze sentences, and more (from Canada)

Spelling City– a variety of interactive activities, worksheets, lessons and games. *When searching for materials, focus on the grade 9-12 inventory.

a4ESL: Activities for ESL Students – interactive site is filled with grammar and vocabulary for working together or independently. Dual language quizzes can help the educated ELL.

English 4u – interactive site made for ESL students in their first years of study but very helpful for the BASIC student, too. Word order exercises can help writing skills. Activities and quizzes are automatically scored and students can view the correct answers. *From Germany- watch out for European spellings and vocabulary.

ESL Partyland – interactive site filled with discussion questions covering wide range of topics. Activities, games, and quizzes can also be printed. Includes grammar section.

Randall’s Cyberlab – an audio site for students to hear English and respond accordingly. This site includes the ability to slow the audio down or speed it up as needed. Includes lessons and assessments.

Many Things – a study site that includes fun ways to learn reading, writing and speaking. Includes several easy to use auditory learning aspects. *Has interactive activities, such as scrambled sentences.

The Ultimate Teacher Resource Guide – A comprehensive guide to teaching resources for all grades and subjects

eDiplomat – for cultural awareness. Designed for business use, but covers many countries.

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services – Study materials for those aiming for citizenship. Follow this path after getting to the main page: Resources tab (in green) then, on the left, Citizenship & Naturalization Based Resources > Study Materials for the Naturalization Test.